All-Pro Movers 3/31/2017
Arnita P.
My experience with JM Movers is great. The guys arrival time is punctual and they are absolutely professional and fast. No breaks or cracks in my furniture. The furniture that needed taking down (like bed frames and a dining room table) were done with no problems and put back together perfectly. I would recommend this moving company if you want the job done right! The prices aren't too high, cost me around $400.00 for 5 hours back in 2012. Now there's a moving special of $340.00 plus fuel $55.00. comes to $395.00. This is a great price.If you want to move fast and not take all day, and If you want a job done right, JM Movers is the company to choose. Arnita P

All-Pro Movers 3/29/2017

The ALL PRO helped to me to move a sentimental item from my yard last year. It was a full scale version of the TARDIS from Dr. Who that my late husband Dan and my son Liam built before my husband died. The JM team was conscientious and kind and very considerate keeping the TARDI in tact and making sure no damage occurred. They also helped me to move to large items to my cottage from my family home and they were again very considerate. I would recommend JM movers to everyone. Friendly and efficient. Thank you JM Movers. Penny S*******

All-Pro Movers 7/17/2016
K. R.

I wondered if I maybe could be making a mistake not hiring a bigger name moving company. After initial contact, I did have a bit of an issue with communication in completing the set up for my move. However, on moving day, had a completely positive experience. Steve and Brian were most careful and very efficient. Happy to say there was nothing broken, dented or dinged. They worked at a very efficient pace...took 3 1/2 hours from start to finish. I am glad I chose JM Movers and would recommend them to others.

All-Pro Movers 6/7/2016
T. L.

Excellent job done with my move! From setting up the move, to the actual moving everyone that I talked to or worked with was awesome. Their rates were somewhat lower than other companies. Very courteous and helpful and very respectful of my belongings. I couldn't ask for anything more in a moving company. I recommend them to everyone that I know. I would use them for my next move for sure.

All-Pro Movers 5/23/2016
Jeannie B.
Great company - NO SURPRISES - Professional & fun to work with

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